LandBack Round Robin: Ethnic studies so history will not be erased

It is a paradox that education is crucial for healing, in this case healing from the intergenerational traumas suffered by Indigenous peoples in the lands called the United States and Canada. And yet, who will teach these subjects? Care must be taken to avoid triggering that might occur for Indigenous educators. The following quote references […]

Ethnic studies so history will not be erased


  1. ShiraDest says:

    This excellent Landback video explains how the Canadian First Nations lands are, like our tribal reservation lands (so we were taught in the 90s) are held in trust by the federal government, and thus managed by the federal government, rather than by those nations.
    It is time for a reset both up there, and down here.


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    1. ShiraDest says:

      oops, this comment applies to the video on the post I’ve just scheduled for Sunday, but this concept, that we need far wider and better education, also applies via that video and this post.
      Please click through to Jeff’s original post for details.

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